The Ultimate Watercolor Collection

  • $22.00

This collection features over 130 watercolor elements for Photoshop that will allow you to achieve a truly custom watercolor look in just a few seconds. Each element was made by hand using professional grade watercolor paints and cold press paper for an authentic look and feel.

I love watercolor so much and have hesitated to create a set like this in the past, because I knew how meticulous I would be about how each element looks. Well... I was right.. This set took me almost a month to put together, but I think the time spent was well worth it, as the look that can be achieved with these elements is truly realistic and the collection is fun to use!

These styles are so customizable that they allow for an endless amount of watercolor creations to be made. The possibilities are truly endless with this collection!

Here's what you get:

  • 50 Photoshop Layer Styles that were painted by hand to be the most realistic set you've ever seen
  • A Quick reference JPG so that you can quickly and easily choose your style
  • 18 Drips and runs brushes for Photoshop allowing you to add in the natural characteristics of watercolor paint and water.
  • 24 Fine splatter brushes for Photoshop. These brushes create the realistic effect and loose style of watercolor painting techniques
  • 16 Large splatter brushes for Photoshop. These brushes allow you to add huge splatters to your creations giving you the freedom to create very dynamic watercolors.
  • 25 Transparent PNG watercolor elements. Add in multicolored elements by simply copying and pasting from this large collection of PNG files.
  • 5 Watercolor paper textures. These textures were created from various types of watercolor paper. These textures seal the deal on creating that authentic look.
  • A PDF instruction manual that covers the techniques I use in watercolor creations.
  • A PDF tutorial covering exactly how I created the deer in the preview images.

This collection is huge. It was fun to create and is so incredibly useful and indispensable if you are a digital watercolorist.

PLEASE NOTE: This collection is for use with Adobe Photoshop.

As always... If you have questions or need assistance, I'm always around and happy to help out!

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